9 juli 2008

Release the games! 1

Als een soort nieuwe feature wil ik een lijstje bijhouden met games die binnenkort gereleased gaan worden of die gewoon heel interessant zijn. Ook nieuwe filmpjes of screenshots horen hierbij. Suggesties voor een game die in deze lijst moet worden opgenomen? In de reacties graag.
Max begon gister over Fallout 3 en ik lees er ook steeds meer over dus Fallout 3 komt als eerste op de lijst. Verder is er dan nog DOTA-kloon Demigods.

Fallout 3

Ze maken het me niet echt moeilijk want op de website staat

Fallout 3 will be available for PC, Xbox 360, and PLAYSTATION 3 in Fall 2008.

Duidelijk verhaal. De website is ook erg uitgebreid. Zeker een bezoek waard. Ok is er heel recent een Q&A geweest met 1 van de makers.

Hieronder screenshots:


Demigod(site) kennen jullie niet echt denk ik. Hij staat gepland voor begin 2009. Demigod is in feite DOTA alleen dan als volledig spel. Het thema is fantasy-technology en het ziet er erg awesome uit. Je speelt net als in DOTA een hero maar nieuw in dit spel wordt dat gebouwen wel invloed op je kunnen hebben. Ook is er een duidelijker verschil tussen de 2 partijen.


Diablo 3 meer info

Hieronder een bericht gepost op battle.net door een Blizzard community manager. Hij geeft uitleg over onder andere die health globes en het herindelen van je skills (respec). Hij geeft een paar goede punten. Max ik weet niet of je het nieuwe loot systeem leuk gaat vinden :P

Diablo III Community Manager Bashiok offered a slight comment on Talent Tree
respec possibilities in Diablo III, health globes functionality, and Loot
mechanics. There aren't plans for a Tank and Healer Classes according to
Bashiok. Although Talent Respec won't be as flexible as in World of Warcraft, it
may offer an alternative. How this will be implemented, is still unknown. It may
change throughout development cycles. Regardless, it sounds like a good idea.

Talent Respec

Bashiok: There will
almost definitely be some sort of system to respec; however, it isn't likely to
be as liberal as World of Warcraft. We don't want to lock a player into a system
that punishes them for mistakes, experimenting, or lack of knowledge early on in
the game. We also don't think a system that allows immediate, complete, and
at-a-whim changes to a character spec matches the feel of Diablo. It's likely to
be somewhere in between.

That said we still feel like the desire to play
the same class again that you may have played before is still a part of the
game, and with some ability to respec could potentially require other

Health Globes

The health globes are actually, in my opinion, really cool. Playing the game and
actually seeing what types of strategy they encourage, you can start to see what
they add and how they make the combat more interesting.

I'll set the
scene. You're a barbarian, you're in the wilderness and after fighting wave
after wave of ghouls, skeletons, demons, what have you, you're low on health.
You're out of potions, and after using a strategic leap out of the fray you turn
around and seismic slam the skeletons charging you. Two of them drop health
globes, but the globes dropped behind the skeletons that are still advancing. If
they reach you, you're not going to survive. Are you able to leap safely to snag
the globes before they can tear into you? Can you throw out another slam and try
to remove the remaining enemies? How can you survive? You have a fraction of a
second to decide.

The health globes help to create situations just like
this, where you're not just sitting there spamming potions, you're using your
abilities and strategy to stay alive. Possibly most importantly, you're
encouraged to keep fighting, and not just run away.

With random spawns,
random drops, and of course the randomness of combat, the health globes add to
creating situations that are just more... interesting, and in my opinion, fun.

On the side of potions, they still exist, but they're likely to be on a
cooldown of some type. They'll also likely restore health based on a percentage
that's relative to your character. They may heal an instant amount, they may be
the old over time type system. They're probably going to be filling an
emergency-heal role more than anything though. -- post

No Tank
and Healer Classes?

Fan said: They have literally
said Diablo 3 will be "first and foremost a cooperative game". Which leads me to
believe it's possible they add a talent tree for dedicated healers to one or
several classes.

Bashiok: No. Not that classes won't benefit from each
other in various ways, Barbarian shouts being good party buffs, etc. but every
class is essentially a demon-killing DPS class. We have no intentions to create
a tank, or healer, etc. Every class will play their own way, and while some may
take direct hits easier than others, it certainly wouldn't define their role
within a party. Everyone should be kicking in heads at the same time.

Diablo III having a strong emphasis on cooperative play is really
building upon one of the best parts of Diablo II, and that's charging through
dungeons with other people. Our focus is on removing the frustrations that
existed with grouping, and adding new features that encourage everyone to stick
together and fight as a party.

Random Loot Mechanic

Currently - while in a party each player will see their own
drops from each kill.

This could mean that after killing a zombie I see
a sword drop, and you may see a shoulder slot item drop. Or I see nothing drop,
while you got an axe.

Obviously while in a group you're killing faster,
and this could translate to an exponentially increasing number of drops with
each additional player in your party. However, it's balanced in such a way that
the drop % is pulled back a bit with each additional player (I'm simplifying it,
but that's what it boils down to). This keeps it from being almost detrimental
to not play with a full party, while still giving a nice increase to the amount
of drops if you do.

From this system it seems quite a few people got the
impression that you'll never see items drop that you can't use. For instance, a
Barbarian will never see a dagger that only a Witch Doctor can use. This isn't
true. There is no effect, or at least no currently intended effect, to restrict
which items which classes can or can't see for their respective drops. It's
still intended that you could see an item that your class can't use. It's easy
enough to drop the item, ask if anyone can use it, or just sell it off of
course. -- post